Finding Me: A Musical Children's Book

Black Earth Public Library

Have you ever heard a student say they went to a school where they didn’t feel seen, heard, confident, loved, or like they truly belonged? Jr. has felt that way at his many schools. But things begin to change when he stumbles upon a magical classroom and peeks through their window. With the help of a teacher named Mr. Rise, he sees a handful of students who are shown just how special they are every day! Will Jr. be too afraid to reveal himself to them? Will they let Jr. join their team? Only time will tell if he’s found the community he’s needed for a very long time.

Bring your creativity and your superpowers and join us for a read-aloud and dance and sing-along of the book from author Alexis Dean, Jr.! We’ll also have coloring pages from the book!


Music Theatre of Madison: Discover What’s Next. 

Music Theatre of Madison is a seventeen-year-old professional theatre company that focuses on the new and different in musical theatre. The company has 37 full productions to its credit, plus numerous readings, concerts, and educational activities, including frequent partnerships with Madison Public Libraries. During the pandemic, the company found ways for musical theatre to exist in a variety of mediums, including as a podcast and audiodrama, in a film of original songs, on a concept album written by BIPOC local artists, and in the form of this book, Finding Me, a two-year project involving nearly 60 Madison and Milwaukee artists. The book will be available to purchase online at and the libraries will have copies as well!

Illustration of a boy imagining a diverse group of friends under a rainbow. Text reads: Finding Me: A Musical Children's Book
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