Performing Arts

Loud 'n Unchained Black QTDisabled Showcase + Mini Artists Market

Loud 'N Unchained Celebrates Black History Month with and all Black QTDisabled Showcase + Mini Black Artists Market

Featuring LGBTQ and /or Disabled Artists. The stage will also feature DJ Femme Noir and performers: Shasparay Irvin, Basal Jones, Sunshine Raynebow, Warrior Priestess Alikz, MiMi Sanchez, Amethyst Von Trolleberg, R. B. Simon, Lexy Linez, Rain Cooper, Sarah B., and T. S. Banks

Artists represent a wide range of genres and artistic mediums including Poets, Drag, Lyricists, and Musicians!!

Creating a Sense of Belonging Through Slam

Please join us for an evening of slam poetry brought to us by Charles Payne. Charles's workshop will help participants delve into crucial conversations across differences. And by doing so, participants will foster a deeper understanding of themselves. The learning objectives were designed to challenge participants to think, write, and share experiences they've had that contributed to their sense of belonging by giving participants a brave space to share their personal stories and challenging them to listen critically. 

Paul Robeson: Ballad of an American

Paul Robeson -- Ballad of an American is an excerpted reading in performance of Sharon Rudahl's beautiful work Ballad of an American: A Graphic Biography of Paul Robeson (2020), edited by Paul Buhle and Lawrence Ware. Interspersed with Robeson's own music and words, beginning with an eleven-minute excerpt of his compelling interview before HUAC (House Un-American Activities Commitee), it uses the frank, direct writing, and imagery of Rudahl.

Painted Man Country Dance

How does popular Country music, with its vivid imagery of small-town life and winding backroads connect to the ongoing struggle for equity occurring in our larger cities and counties? Join Country Swing Dance coach, David Hunt, as he explores how these separate experiences intertwine.

Speaking with Music

Program Description

HMong music is the last surviving musical language in the world—it is able to mimic HMong speech by using musical intervals, ornamentation, and chords to mimic linguistic tones, consonants, and vowels—allowing musicians to literally speak with music.