Black Earth Public Library

Finding Me: A Musical Children's Book

Have you ever heard a student say they went to a school where they didn’t feel seen, heard, confident, loved, or like they truly belonged? Jr. has felt that way at his many schools. But things begin to change when he stumbles upon a magical classroom and peeks through their window. With the help of a teacher named Mr. Rise, he sees a handful of students who are shown just how special they are every day! Will Jr. be too afraid to reveal himself to them? Will they let Jr. join their team? Only time will tell if he’s found the community he’s needed for a very long time.

Journal Writing Workshop

This workshop will be offered once at Wisconsin Heights High School to students only, and a second time for students to repeat at the public library with community participants.

Keeping a journal helps you establish order when your world feels like it’s in chaos. It helps you get to know yourself by revealing your innermost fears, thoughts, and feelings. Journaling can help to cope with depression, anxiety and stress. Negative thoughts can be identified, giving an avenue for change, and provide an opportunity for positive self-talk.

Upstage Stigma

UpStage Stigma is a medley of song, dance, theater, and other performances that link the challenges of mental illness to our universal experience and break the barriers of stigma through art, empathy, and advocacy. Now in its third year of annual productions featuring a wide range of performances, Upstage Stigma proudly brings a selection of these performances to the Sun Prairie Library! Please note: this program is intended for mature audiences. This program is part of the series, "What We Are Going Through: Listening to Mental Illness."

Beyond the Ingenue: Music Theatre of Madison

Music Theatre of Madison presents: Beyond The Ingenue, a curated revue of songs that celebrate the complex roles of women in musical theatre, beyond just the ladies who pine for a man!

The show will use musical theatre pieces, some new, some unknown, and perhaps a familiar one or two, to explore the myriad of issues women in our society face, including friendships, objectification, motherhood, workplace struggles, aging, and general female empowerment.   

Alice’s Ordinary People – documentary screening with film director, Craig Dudnick

Documentary film maker, Craig Dudnick, will introduce his film, “Alice’s Ordinary People,” which is about the work of civil rights activist, Alice Tregay, of the Chicago Freedom Movement, which spanned several decades.

The film will be followed by a question and answer period with Mr. Dudnick.

Refreshments provided.