Painted Man Country Dance

Cottage Grove Elementary School *Gymnasium* (470 N Main St, Cottage Grove, WI 53527)

How does popular Country music, with its vivid imagery of small-town life and winding backroads connect to the ongoing struggle for equity occurring in our larger cities and counties? Join Country Swing Dance coach, David Hunt, as he explores how these separate experiences intertwine.

In this unique workshop, David unearths the comments and actions taken by some famous Country music artists who have clearly connected the two ideas together. David looks at how these performers use their platform not only to keep diversity and inclusion alive within their genre of music, but also publicly support efforts to disrupt institutional racism in the post George Floyd era.

The workshop will feature a brief presentation highlighting select performers. The discussion will center empathy and cut through the divisive narratives of the day.

Next, David will lead a 45 minute instructional dance session. Everyone is invited to partner up to learn basic Country Swing Dance steps to the hit songs recorded by the highlighted artist(s). The dance movements are fun and accessible for beginners of all ability levels!

Attire for the Painted Man event is casual and we ask that you please bring low-grip or non rubber soled shoes/boots to the workshop to dance in.

Country Swing is a non-formal social dance style that uses simple steps to allow many beginners to dance together.

This event is in partnership with the Dane County Bookmobile as part of the Ripple Project, a year-long series of free humanities programs focused on equity in the Dane County public libraries. Learn more at

Headshot of David Hunt smiling and wearing a gray trucker hat that reads "Moon Shine"
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