Baila Salsa!

From Cuba, to Puerto Rico, to Panama, to New York, Salsa borrows a little from all, and gives back to all. Touching on historical and cultural contexts, as well as rhythmic improvisations and set movement patterns, we will explore what Clave
is, move to it, understand it, and incorporate it in our worlds. Karlies Kelley Vedula, a Panamanian native, BFA and MFA African Diaspora Dance Alumna, and director of Panadanza Dance Company will have you moving and grooving from

Loud 'n Unchained Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop Led by T.S.Banks (He/they/ze) an QTKrip teaching artists from Madison, WI. He'll lead us in writing prompts exploring Krip time, Krip Love, and Krip Pride! Join T Thursday April 27th at Pinney Library in the community room. All writers welcome, no experience necessary. All participants will leave with a few pieces of writing created in the workshop. There will also be time to share what's written in the workshop together!

Creating a Sense of Belonging Through Slam

Please join us for an evening of slam poetry brought to us by Charles Payne. Charles's workshop will help participants delve into crucial conversations across differences. And by doing so, participants will foster a deeper understanding of themselves. The learning objectives were designed to challenge participants to think, write, and share experiences they've had that contributed to their sense of belonging by giving participants a brave space to share their personal stories and challenging them to listen critically. 

Writing Workshop: Loud 'n Unchained Theater Company

We All Queer
a writing workshop and community conversation on why we all queer and how queerness saves the world!

Loud ‘n’ Unchained Theater company presents a series of writing workshops and open mic events centering Black, Indigenous and POC, Queer, Trans and Disabled writers and authors.

Presenters request that all participants wear masks while in the space.

November 11 6-8pm Open Mic Night (feat. chalchiuhkoatl with Natalia and music by DJ Pearl Marshall)

November 12 12-1:30pm Writing Workshop (feat. chalchiuhkoatl)

Presenter Bio:

Painted Man Country Dance

How does popular Country music, with its vivid imagery of small-town life and winding backroads connect to the ongoing struggle for equity occurring in our larger cities and counties? Join Country Swing Dance coach, David Hunt, as he explores how these separate experiences intertwine.