An Ear for Elsewhere: Jeff Pockat

Waunakee Public Library (New address!) 201 N. Madison St.

Jeff Pockat has been a lifelong musician with a very eclectic set of musical tastes.  His interests range from Bluegrass to Classic Rock.  In 1984 he was introduced to the Harp with an intense interest in Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.  He soon fell in love with the more ancient wire-strung Clairseach or Gaelic Harp.  Jeff has become a music historian performing the music of greats like, Turlough O’Carolan, Rory dall O’Cathan, Cornelias Lyons and Dennis O’Hampsey just to name a few.  Da Mihi Manum, Eleanor Plunkett, Oscail an Doros are a few melodies by these artist.  Along with the harp the program is filled with anecdotes about the Harp, the music, the players and the times in which they lived.  This has been very well received by audiences of all ages around Wisconsin.

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