Mount Horeb Public Library

Crisis in Ukraine

Andrey Ivanov, a history professor who specializes in Russia and the Soviet Union at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, recently received a phone call from his parents in Kyiv, Ukraine. They had to flee. Fast. 

Winter Block Printing

Learn how you can create your own printed textiles ( think shirts, tote bags, tea towels etc)  using hand carved wood block you design. This workshop covers how to use woodcutting tools to carve out of wood, as well as how to print your block on both paper and fabric. You will create at least one art piece during the class and will  leave inspired to create your own printed home decor, clothing, gifts and more.

Taking Flight: A History of Birds and People in the Heart of America

The human fascination with winged creatures has been around for centuries. Michael Edmonds shares how and why people have worshipped, feared, studied, hunted, and protected the birds that surrounded them.  Drawn from archaeological reports, missionaries' journals, travelers' letters, early scientific treatises, the memoirs of American Indian elders, and the folklore of hunters, farmers, and formerly enslaved people throughout the Midwest, Edmonds reveals how our ancestors thought about the very same birds we see today. 

Someone's Gotta Do It: Monologues with Forward Theater

Chances are, you’ve had one – more than one. They can be inspiring, terrifying, tedious, nauseating, and profound.  Jobs.   Jobs put food on our tables, roofs over our heads, and (sometimes) anxiety in our hearts.

The Someone's Gotta Do It monologues introduce you to characters telling their work stories: the exhilarating, the necessary, and the outlandishly absurd.