Get to Know Our Neighbors: Wisconsin's Tribal Nations and Communities

American Indian nations and tribal communities in Wisconsin are a big part of the state's history.  More importantly, they are a part of society today. We want to explore beyond each of their heritages to what our neighbors' lives are like, how we live and work side by side without really knowing who each other is in our communities.



Anton Treuer will come to speak about his book, Everything You Wanted to Know about Indians but Were Afraid to Ask.  He will also talk about his work as a professor and an Ojibwe tribal member.

Anton Treuer Visit

Sept 30, 2pm-   Madison Public Library- Central



Book discussions with local leaders.

Aug 9, 7pm-         Waunakee Public Library with David O'Connor
Sept 24, 7pm-       Deerfield Public Library with David O'Connor
Oct 21, 10am-         Black Earth Public Library with Ada Deer
Nov 29, 6:30pm-   E.D. Locke Public Library, McFarland with David O'Connor





Legend Lake: a Talking Circle is a 34 minute documentary film that recounts the saga of Legend Lake, a beautiful 5,160 acre lake development, formed by joining nine smaller lakes in the Menominee Indian Reservation in Northern Wisconsin. Shore-land was subdivided and sold mostly to non-Menominee people. Legend Lake represents another chapter in the long and frequently contentious relationship between Native Americans and non-Native Americans in Wisconsin. Why and how the lake came into being, what land issues have arisen and what might be done to manage them is the subject of this film. It does not take sides. But it does suggest courses of action by demonstrating that people with different life histories are willing to respect and learn from each other.

At each film screening there will be a speaker facilitating a discussion about the documentary.

Aug 10, 6:30pm-    Waunakee Public Library with David Stanfield and Arnold Chevalier
Sept 13, 6pm-        Rosemary Garfoot Public Library with David Stanfield and Arnold Chevalier
Sept 21, 6:30pm-   Mount Horeb Public Library with David Stanfield and Arnold Chevlier
Sept 25, 6:30pm -  Madison Public Library- Pinney Branch with Aaron Bird Bear


Thank you to our sponsors: Madison Community Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities!