Sun Prairie Public Library

The Madness & The Mandolin

"The Madness & The Mandolin" is the story of a talented young bluegrass musician, Kelley Gibson, who learned to battle manic episodes & cope with autism spectrum disorder less through medication but instead through bringing wellness into his life. The film’s creator, Dr. Sean Ackerman, will present this brand new documentary and talk about the making of the film.

Crazy Talk: A History of Mental Illness Language

This presentation will examine the history of language surrounding mental illness, how this language has evolved, how the words we have used and still use when talking about mental illness may contribute to the stigma surrounding mental illness, and where we are now (for example, the current concept of "person-first language"). Presented by Dr. Sarah Hessenauer, Department of Social Work, UW-Whitewater. This program is provided by a generous grant from Beyond the Page, This program is part of the series, "What We Are Going Through: Listening to Mental Illness."

Upstage Stigma

UpStage Stigma is a medley of song, dance, theater, and other performances that link the challenges of mental illness to our universal experience and break the barriers of stigma through art, empathy, and advocacy. Now in its third year of annual productions featuring a wide range of performances, Upstage Stigma proudly brings a selection of these performances to the Sun Prairie Library! Please note: this program is intended for mature audiences. This program is part of the series, "What We Are Going Through: Listening to Mental Illness."

Women Spies

Live performance, presentation, and heirloom artifact show that will allow attendees to dive into the secret world of female Civil War spies.

Presented by Sun Prairie's own women's history expert & unrivaled enthusiast, Shannon Ferguson-Munns, who will don heirloom attire in honor of the event. She’ll also share items from her extensive collection of 19th century artifacts.

A Q&A will conclude the event.

The Polish Gray Samaritans

By the end of the first world war, the world had become used to the pillaging of Poland. Thirty young Polish-American women, called the Polish Gray Samaritans, changed that.  Their relatively unknown story will leave you in awe and inspire you by how much a small band of committed people can accomplish against great odds. The perseverance of these amazing women, essentially America's first peace corps, helped save a generation of Polish children in the midst of chaos, occupation, and war.

Joan & Bette Bette & Joan

Joan & Bette Bette & Joan is an original off-Broadway one-woman musical about the tumultuous relationship between two Academy Award winning icons of Hollywood's Golden Age, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Involved in a real and manufactured feud for most of their screen careers, their story is rendered via 14 original songs as well as live performance.

A Q&A will conclude the event.

Performer: Jillann Gabrielle (Website:

Historic Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Author Visit with Mary Bergin

Midwest travel, regional foods, German heritage and environmental sustainability are Mary Bergin's writing specialties. The lifelong professional journalist boasts decades of newspaper work as an editor and reporter. Her weekly, syndicated and award winning "Roads Traveled" columns began in 2002.  

The author will share stories from her many travels throughout the state & surrounding area as well as present her findings (& a few recipes!) which are detailed in the book.