Oregon Public Library

Can You Find the Hidden Object? Decoder Puzzle Adventures!

Come along with Nakira and friends on a journey to explore STEM all around us. Our adventure begins with the Decoder Puzzles – piece together the puzzle and put on your Decoder Glasses to uncover the hidden mystery items in each illustrated scene. After completing your Decoder Puzzle and finding all of the hidden objects, join in the fun of making a custom pair of Decoder Glasses to reveal your own secret messages!

In Living Color: A Quilter's Journey

Presented through a series of narrative and graphic quilts, Glendora Simonson reveals glimpses of her life as an African American woman, teacher, artist, activist and crafter. An educator by profession, Ms. Simonson taught special education students, then worked collaboratively with psychologists and social workers to diagnose learning differences. In addition to being a voracious reader, Ms. Simonson also enjoyed a variety of crafting and textile activities. Quiltmaking proved to be the perfect medium to express creatively and contemplate social events.

Learn the Ukulele

Attendees will learn the basics of the ukulele in this two-hour group lesson. By the end you will know how to play at least one song.

Please bring your own ukulele.

For ages 9 to adult. Registration is required and register online or call 608-835-3656.

The lesson will be taught by Adam Chisman of Academy of Sound.