Can You Find the Hidden Object? Decoder Puzzle Adventures!

Deforest Area Public Library

Come along with Nakira and friends on a journey to explore STEM all around us. Our adventure begins with the Decoder Puzzles – piece together the puzzle and put on your Decoder Glasses to uncover the hidden mystery items in each illustrated scene. After completing your Decoder Puzzle and finding all of the hidden objects, join in the fun of making a custom pair of Decoder Glasses to reveal your own secret messages!

Nakira’s World centers an 8-year-old Black girl, Nakira, on a journey of culturally relevant STEM learning and discovery with her friends. We bring STEM out of the laboratory and into the everyday adventure, offering engaged pre-K through 8th-grade learning through our Decoder Puzzles and Possibilities Boxes. Nakira’s World is about having fun while strengthening science, math, and cultural literacies, growing in confidence, and exercising creativity. Join us in uncovering a world of STEM all around us!


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