Banned Books Roundtable

Sun Prairie Public Library

Join us October 1-7, 2023 to celebrate the freedom to read! Dane County Public Libraries are holding a Banned Books Con, with in person and virtual events at various libraries throughout the week.

Let's talk about banned books!

In this roundtable discussion, we'll unpack what it means to ban a book. For example, if a book is taken out of one school’s library but remains in another in the same district, has it been banned? What if it’s still in the library but is age restricted? Is challenging a book the same as banning it? And what is the broad impact of banning books? We'll also have time for participants to share banned books that have been meaningful to you! (Click here for a list of the top banned books by year.)

*Space for this discussion is limited, please register using the form at this link.*

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