Deerfield Public Library

Trace the Line: A Community Conversation

Trace the Line is a feature length film about two young artists in the Midwest, a black man and a white woman, a poet and a painter. It depicts their lives as they try to understand the world that we are in now, especially as it relates to isolation, connection, and race relations. 

The filmmakers will show exclusive behind the scenes photos and clips with audience members ahead of the public release of the film. A Q&A discussion will give attendees the opportunity to reflect on how these themes are reflected in our local community.

Easy Days Barbershop Quartet

The Easy Days Quartet has been entertaining audiences for a number of years and has been together with the current group since March 2008. Enjoyed by audiences of all ages, Easy Days has established a reputation as a good singing, entertaining and full-of-fun quartet. They impart their knowledge about the history of barbershop quartets and how they fit into history in general, and punctuate that knowledge with the performance of songs of the times.

Odd Wisconsin: True Tales and Folklore from the Badger State

Join us for an illustrated talk on “Odd Wisconsin: True Tales and Folklore from the Badger State" by author Michael Edmonds. He’ll share sketches of some of the strange people who lived here before us and tell authentic stories about folk characters like the lumberjack hero Paul Bunyan. Along the way he'll explain why the Wisconsin Historical Society wanted to publish brief lives of obscure eccentrics and discuss how researching and sharing history has turned upside-down in recent years.

So We Won the Vote, Then What?

Women across the state, nation, and world fought for the right to vote. We will discuss the fight and the victory as well as the fact that enfranchisement did not change everything women wanted. Learn about the social, economic, and political climate of the 1920s and 1930s while we explore how women’s everyday lives, clothing, and careers were impacted (or not impacted) by the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Christine Brookes is the Outreach Coordinator at Lake Geneva's Black Point Estate and Gardens, one of Wisconsin's twelve Historic Sites.